IDS: мужские стандарт каблук 1 [Tango] (Чёрн.кожа) р.5,5-12 вкл.1/2


IDS: мужские стандарт каблук 1   [Tango] (Чёрн.кожа) р.5,5-12 вкл.1/2
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Наименование:IDS: мужские стандарт каблук 1 [Tango] (Чёрн.кожа) р.5,5-12 вкл.1/2
Размеры:р.5,5-12 вкл.1/2
Цена:12550,00 руб за пара

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The ‘Tango’ is our classic Standard Ballroom style for Men. It’s an elegant shoe, designed to offer comfort, stability and durability. It’s a shoe that has been in our collection since we started over thirty years ago and has taken so many dancers’ performances to the next level. Recently, we’ve launched the ‘Contra’, which is a Split-Sole version of the ‘Tango’ and this is now our most popular Men’s Standard Ballroom shoe. You can view the ‘Contra’ by clicking here.

Full-Sole offers support and added stability
New heel design bringing sole material over the back of the heel, offering a smoother drag and greater protection
Gel padding for enhanced support and comfort
Made in England
Worn by: Marcus Hilton MBE (World & Britsh Professional Ballroom Champion), Benedetto Ferruggia (German Professional Ballroom Champion), William Pino (World & Italy Professional Ballroom Champion), Yuriy Prokhorenko (Amateur Ballroom Champion).

This shoe is pictured on the 1” heel and is available in a variety of fittings.

We stock this design on the 1” heel in our Regular fitting. Orders of 'In Stock' combinations will ship within 1-3 working days, 'Made to Order' combinations will ship within 5-10 working days.



мужские стандарт

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